The committee is required for all NPRCs and plays a critical and highly visible role in the SNPRC. It consists of all members of the SLG, and additionally Leaders of each of the Scientific Units (IDIC, CMHO), and selected other Core Scientists with a range of expertise.

Current RAC members include:

Dr. Deepak Kaushal

Texas Biomed Professor

RAC Director

Photo of Dr. Cory Ross Dr. Corinna Ross

Acting Director SNPRC/Co-Lead, CMHOSU


Dr. Shannan Hall-Ursone Dr. Shanna Hall-Ursone

Interim Associate Director of Veterinary Resources SNPRC


Dr. Mahesh Mohan

Lead, IDICSU/ Interim SNPRC Associate Director of Research


Dr. Marie-Claire Gauduin



Dr. Kimberley Phillips Dr. Kimberley Phillips

Core Scientist

Dr. Ken Sayers Dr. Ken Sayers

Director, Behavioral Services

RAC meets bi-monthly to discuss the research programs that are in progress and those being considered for implementation.